6 Best Laptop Bags With Charging Port

Phone batteries used to be more robust back in the day. They die on you sooner when you are on the go, and nothing is as annoying as a dead phone. If you often travel with your laptop and power bank, a laptop bag with a charging port should be a must-have accessory.

Best Laptop Bags With Charging Port

These bags eases the process of charging your phone through a power bank. Provided you have the required cables, all you need to do is connect the power bank to the bag’s interior port and then connect your phone to the bag’s exterior port. These are versatile bags and you can use them on any occasion.

Before we proceed further, let us tell you that you will have to source your power bank. None of the bag makers mentioned on this list include a power bank along with the bag. On the upside, they do ship with a charging cable. Plus, a majority of these bundle USB-A ports. This means you will see a slower speed compared to regular USB-C charging.

With that out of the way, here are our top recommendations for the best laptop bags with charging ports.  Let’s get going, shall we? But first,

1. UGrace Vintage Laptop Backpack

  • Capacity: Up to 15.6-inch laptops

The UGrace laptop bag is a laptop bag that works well for both casual surroundings and professional settings. It has a roomy compartment and can easily hold your laptop, wireless keyboard, notebooks, and more. The roomy compartments have been highly praised by their user base. It’s a fabric bag with polyester lining, and the USB port is on the side. Interestingly, it bundles a small pocket to accommodate your phone.

The company ships a built-in charging cable to connect to the power bank. There’s a dedicated pocket for the power bank inside.

Besides that, the bag is well-made for the price and looks modern. At the same time, the straps at the back allow you to adjust the length as per your preference. The fabric is thick and durable, but it’s not waterproof. If your area receives frequent rainfall, skip this.

It’s popular among its users, and users have applauded this bag for its comfort and sturdy form factor.

2. Mosiso 35L Laptop Backpack

  • Capacity: 15.6-16-inch laptops

The Mosiso hardshell bag has many good things, although it’s a little more expensive than its competitor. For one, it’s a waterproof bag. Secondly, the hardshell form factor ensures that your laptop stays safe and secure. The USB port is also on the side, making it easy to charge your phone. All you need is a long USB cable, and you should be sorted.

This Mosiso bag comes with all the bells and whistles, like a dedicated laptop compartment, and dedicated pockets to hold a power bank, books, and other stationeries. And that’s not all. The bag is spacious enough to hold most of your accessories.

For its price, it comes with nifty essentials like padded shoulder straps and a trolley strap at the back to attach to slide-over trolley bags. This feature comes of great help during travels. Plus, the zipper opens all the way, which makes it easy to organize and take out items.

Do note that only the front cover is a hardshell flap. On the other hand, the sides have form padding to protect the insides during bumps against doorframes or pillars. This laptop bag with USB port ships with a charging cable.

It’s a versatile bag. You can use it to carry your laptop and your camera gear or books when needed. It could be better. For example, quite a few users have complained that the bag is smaller than shown. The ideal thing to do in such situations is to check the actual dimensions before hitting the Buy button. Secondly, the pocket at the side can’t hold water bottles.

That said, if you want a water-resistant bag with a hardshell front without spending a ton, this one makes a clever buy.

3. Matein Laptop Tote Bag for Women

  • Capacity: Up to 15.6-inch laptops

If you are looking for a tote bag with a USB port, you can go right with the Matein laptop tote bag. It’s an elegant bag and stands out starkly in the sea of similar-looking laptop bags. This PU leather bag is big enough to hold regular 15.6-inch laptops. And yes, it has a dedicated laptop compartment. As you may have guessed, the USB port is on the side.

Apart from the USB port to charge your phone, it has practical features like a dedicated key holder, detachable handles, and a small accessory bag. The latter can hold knick-knacks like pens, flash drives, or your card pouch. It ensures you do not have to hunt for your essentials inside the bag.

The Matein laptop tote bag is smaller than its counterpart above. However, the padded compartments can hold your laptop safely. And the dedicated pockets help you organize your smartphones and others stationeries. You should easily carry everything in this bag if you own a lightweight ultrabook or a laptop like the Apple MacBook Air.

The colors at the bottom ensure that the bottom doesn’t touch the floor/desk, keeping your laptop safe from jerks. The only catch is that you will have to hold your smartphone in your hands while charging through the USB port.

The Matein tote bag is well-liked on Amazon. Users love the sturdy build and the elegant design. More importantly, it gels well in professional settings.

4. Bagsmart Laptop Backpack for Women

  • Capacity: Up to 17.3-inch laptops

If you are not a big fan of laptop tote bags, check out the Bagsmart laptop bag for women. This softshell bag brings a combination of black exterior and golden zippers. And the exterior webbed pattern enhances the looks and protection to some extent. The highlight of this bag is its ample storage. It comes with 3 main storage compartments and 2 side pockets. This space ensures you can carry your tablet, keyboard, power bank, and overhead headphones with room for more.

It’s a versatile bag with the many compartments and pockets. That means you can organize your gadgets and stationeries to the maximum. In fact, the storage and the dedicated compartments have earned this laptop bag immense love from its user base. It has more than 3,000 user ratings. A majority of them have praised its travel-friendliness and comfort.

The best part is that the side pockets are roomy enough to accommodate a water bottle or umbrella. And when using the USB port, you can put your phone in the pocket. This Bagsmart laptop bag with USB port is inexpensive and is available in a slew of colorful patterns.

5. Fenruien Laptop Backpack with USB-C

  • Capacity: Up to 17-inch laptops

The Fenruien laptop bag is more expensive than the ones above. And it brings an interesting melange of features to the table. For starters, it packs a TSA lock to keep your laptop safe. Secondly, it sports a hardshell cover and a sharp look. Notably, it comes with a USB-A port and a USB-C port. No kidding! The USB-C port means you do not lose out on charging speed, and that’s a huge plus. Most laptop bags above have USB-A ports, slowing the charging time. Aside from that, the front opens a full 180-degree and facilitates easy manipulation of the things inside.

It walks the line between small and large laptop bags. However, it’s big enough to house two laptops, a laptop, and a tablet apart from accessories, cords, and cables. The main compartment bundles in dedicated pockets, so you do not have to search for your essentials. Do note that adding a ton of accessories will weigh down the bag.

The padded straps ensure that the bag doesn’t dig into your shoulders. At the same time, the build quality is decent for the price. It’s well-made, and the sharp looks gel well in professional surroundings.

More importantly, the USB-C port guarantees fast charging of your phone and USB-C headphones. Just get a USB-C power bank, and you will be set.

6. Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3

  • Capacity: Up to 15.6-inch laptops

If you want a laptop bag that can do it all—carry your laptop, change of clothes, and accessories without looking like a huge rucksack, then you can’t go wrong with the Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3. This premium laptop bag is apt for business meetings and professional surroundings. More importantly, it has plenty of room and compartments. The best part is that the bag is aptly padded to shield your gadgets and accessories during falls and drops.

More importantly, it comes with both USB-C and USB-A ports. Surprisingly, it has a sunglass pocket at the top that lets you stow your shades when not in use. Naturally, the placement makes it easy to retrieve them on the go. Plus, there are a couple of other crucial features like earbud storage (on the straps) and a trolley strap (see best laptop bags with trolley sleeves and straps).

The build quality is excellent. At the same time, it’s sturdy and durable. If you want a premium bag that can easily double up as your laptop bag and your overnight bag for your travels and don’t mind investing a considerable sum of money, then the Travelpro Crew Executive Choice 3 is your best bet.

Charge on the Go

These were some of the best laptop bags with USB ports which makes for easy charging. If you need a good power bank to accompany these bags, worry not, we have already lined up the best travel power banks for you.