Always do this first before downloading a software update to your phone

We recently received a query emailed to us by Nancy. Here’s what she experienced to say:

Pricey Kurt,

I want to thank you for what you do. You have no notion how substantially you assist me! I like that you place stage-by-stage directions. I really like my Apple Iphone and MacBook Air but am not tremendous tech savvy. All the things you produce about is relevant to me. Past time, it was about viewing the battery {fa54600cdce496f94cc1399742656d2709d9747721dfc890536efdd06456dfb9} still left.

Today for case in point you confirmed how to add the most recent program on my Apple iphone and why to do it. It did check with me a question, “Do you want to use mobile information or WiFi?” I didn’t actually know so I just guessed WiFi and it worked. But usually your recommendations are so terrific and you truly make a good distinction in my life, and I’m sure in so lots of many others way too.  Thank you!  Nancy 

This is a fantastic concern and a single that people appear to question normally, so let’s go around which possibility is greatest to use.

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When ought to I be utilizing Wi-Fi?

If you are in a Wi-Fi setting, often use Wi-Fi. When you’re a visitor at someone’s property or even in your office developing, it truly is normally finest to talk to a person what the Wi-Fi password is. Obtaining accessibility to the Wi-Fi where by you are will help your phone’s net go substantially quicker and will help you save you the hassle of stressing if you might be applying up far too considerably information on your phone program.

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Man confused in a public place wondering whether to access Wi-Fi.

Guy bewildered in a community position questioning whether or not to entry Wi-Fi. (

Is it alright to use community Wi-Fi?

Be mindful of unsecured Wi-Fi networks or networks with weak passwords in community destinations. With technologies advancing so swiftly, quite a few community locations will most likely offer you a general public Wi-Fi hotspot exactly where you do not need a password to use it. 

However this also arrives with its dangers, as some scammers have gotten very savvy by using identical names of well-known legit hotspots hoping that men and women who are not paying out close consideration will use it. It’s important to only connect to networks that you believe in.


Looking for the best VPN? Head on over to for more info.

Searching for the very best VPN? Head on around to for far more data. (

How to search the world-wide-web privately

To shield oneself from getting hacked by a public Wi-Fi fraud, you must contemplate utilizing a safe VPN.  This type of services guards your privateness and protection, primarily when you’re traveling. A VPN will allow for you to not only safeguard your link from hackers, but will also give you other perks like bypassing censored sites, escalating connection speeds and much more.

For best VPN computer software, see my professional review of the very best VPNs for browsing the world wide web privately on your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS units by looking “Ideal VPN” at by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the prime of my site.  


When ought to I use cellular details?

Mobile data is extremely practical when you’re on the go and require rapid access to the web. Nonetheless, if you really do not have an limitless mobile info program, you may possibly be billed for any extra utilization outside of your system. Also, if you are not on 5G, everything you happen to be trying to download could be substantially slower. So my tips is only to use cellular details when you have to, and if you discover that you are needing to use general public Wi-Fi a lot, again, get a protected VPN company on your gadget.

Was this valuable? Permit us know if you have other issues about utilizing cellular knowledge compared to Wi-Fi.

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