Apple says software update is coming to fix a major issue with the iPhone 14 Pro Max display

Some Reddit subscribers are reporting a bizarre dilemma that is impacting their Apple iphone 14 Professional Max models. When they wake their phones, they normally see horizontal traces showing on the exhibit. The amount of lines can fluctuate. The great information is that Apple says that this is not a components concern which indicates that it could be fixed by disseminating a application update. Which is naturally greater for Apple and its buyers than obtaining to situation a recall and substitute influenced units.
A Redditor with the deal with 1LastOutlaw clarifies what is going on with his Iphone 14 Professional Max: “I seen that when the telephone wakes up, horizontal strains flash on the display. It does that randomly, not just about every time the cell phone wakes up. Occasionally it’s just 1 line, occasionally it’s multiple. I took it to Apple, and they ran diagnostics, and every little thing arrived back high-quality(eco-friendly). The technician told me that there is not an situation with the components, that it has to do with the software program.”

Apple proposed a factory reset and this did not stop the horizontal lines from demonstrating up

Having said that, even following doing the manufacturing facility reset proposed by Apple and updating to iOS 16.2, the problem carries on to persist. Many others on the system also complain about the same issue which includes Reddit member sabllz who even extra a website link to a image demonstrating his Iphone 14 Professional Max with many horizontal strains on the display screen.

And Reddit is just not the only position on line wherever you are going to discover this discussion. A member of the Apple guidance local community with the tackle Satyatejakasula writes, “Hello, I have bought a brand name new Apple iphone 14 Pro Max right now, and I am acquiring a trouble (I hope that it is just a software bug). The challenge is that when I lock the cell phone (switch off the screen) and turn it on, some form of horizontal line appears on the monitor and 1/3 of the screen is brighter then the relaxation of it (for a break up 2nd), then the Lock Monitor appears as normal and lines vanish when the show is turned on. I tried using turning off TrueTone, automobile brightness and faucet to wake, but I am continue to facing the problem. I even experimented with restart, power reset but no use. iOS 16.1.2.”

Individuals submitting a complaint all have Iphone 14 Professional Max models ordered earlier this month

Another challenge spotted by some Iphone 14 Professional Max consumers is a flickering display. Telling his tale on Reddit is consumer bbitk who suggests, “Hai everybody. I bought 14 professional max 12 times ago . In modern days let’s say 4-5 days if I wake up my display for one thing I am equipped to observe screen flickering for milli seconds . In the beginning I assumed it is a thing flashing thanks to lights . But I got it pair of times . It is actually for much less than second as it appears when I wake up the screen . Is any one struggling with the challenge . I am concerned as it’s new machine and as you all know it’s a great deal of dollars way too

Interestingly, all of those complaining have an Iphone 14 Pro Max that they bought this month. How a lot does Apple know about this? That’s not clear at the minute although individuals who visited their close by Apple Store were advised that it is a software program issue. Just one Apple guidance member reported, “We are aware of the concern and this is due to the motorists…It’s surely a software issue and an update is anticipated to arrive quickly.”

What will make this bizarre, aside from the glimpse of the horizontal strains on the displays of these units influenced, is that it looks that this bug is restricted to a single specific product and that the impacted units all appear to have been purchased in December. We are not able to say for absolutely sure, but this kind of sample could possibly make it a lot easier for Apple to occur up with a definitive repair.