GoRetroid unveils the Retroid Pocket Flip, a Nintendo DS-inspired handheld game console

Handheld gaming consoles have exploded in popularity around the earlier yr, led by the likes of Valve’s Steam Deck and the slew of retro-centered handheld consoles. Just one of the greatest gamers in this sector is GoRetroid, the team guiding the Retroid Pocket household of handhelds. GoRetroid this week unveiled their following handheld, but its design borrows heavily from one of the most preferred handhelds of all time.&#13

The Retroid Pocket Flip is a clamshell handheld console. It seems to be strikingly very similar to Nintendo’s DS Lite, sans the lower display screen of Nintendo’s handheld. The Pocket Flip is extremely identical in dimension to the DS Lite, measuring 139 x 82 x 25.4 mm. This helps make it a bit thick and possibly a bit tough to pocket.&#13

The thickness is largely owing to the set off buttons positioned on the back again of the device. Talking of buttons, the Pocket Flip as a regular array of buttons, which include a directional pad, 4 facial area buttons (ABXY arrangement), two middle buttons (presumably menu or start/decide on buttons), and two flat joysticks. There are two shoulder buttons (L1 and R1), the aforementioned triggers (L2 and R2), and two little buttons on the back labelled “L3” and “R3.”&#13

The handheld’s joysticks search area-mounted fairly than recessed, implying that they will purpose much like the Nintendo 3DS’s slider joystick. &#13

I/O consists of a USB-C port, a micro-HDMI port, and a headphone jack. The Pocket Flip will assist microSD playing cards. &#13

Other specs are now unknown. GoRetroid said they will announce the device’s hardware later this week. Presumably, it will be on par or a little better than the Retroid Pocket 3+, which could emulate most Gamecube video games and some lighter PlayStation 2 titles. Even so, this is basically speculation we would not have a great guess at its gaming prowess until we know what is actually functioning underneath that shell.&#13

The Retroid Pocket Flip will occur in 5 shades: Activity Pink, Black, “16Little bit US” (which bears a shade scheme related to that of North America’s Tremendous Nintendo), Indigo (which seems like the very same purple as the Gamecube), and Watermelon (a transparent crimson). &#13

You will find no term nonetheless of a launch day.&#13

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