LEGO releasing Atari 2600 Video Game Console set I 10306

LEGO’s latest tribute to retro gaming is a brick version of the influential console Atari 2600.

On the heels of the release of a LEGO Super Nintendo console a few years ago, the toy giant has announced a replica of the 1977 gaming system that helped ignite the genre’s ’80s boom.

LEGO’s designers have used the original artwork and console design to recreate the Atari 2600 in a 2,532-brick replica with loads of 1980s nostalgia built in.

On top of a hidden ’80s scene that builders can discover, the LEGO console also comes with Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede cartridges so unique diorama scenes can be mixed and matched.


Atari 2600 Video Game Console


US$209.99 (13{fa54600cdce496f94cc1399742656d2709d9747721dfc890536efdd06456dfb9} off)

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Minifigures from all three games are included in this set as well, along with a joystick like the one real Atari players would have used at the time.

When it’s fully built, the LEGO Icons Atari 2600 Video Game Console Adults Set measures in at 8cm (3in) high and 33cm (13i.) wide.

Gamers in the UK can pick up this LEGO set for £209.99 while US readers can get theirs for $239.99, with both shipping now from Zavvi.

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First released in 1977, the Atari 2600 was hugely successful in establishing the home gaming market, as companies like Atari had previously put their efforts into consoles for arcades.

More than 30 million consoles were sold across the Atari’s lifespan, though the gaming system is now remembered more as a forerunner to more advanced products from Nintendo and SEGA in the ensuing decade.

This LEGO Icons Atari 2600 Video Game Console Adults Set is perfect for adult builders, aged 18 or up, or even LEGO fans just looking for a unique challenge.