Step aside emulation, I repaired my old Nintendo console instead

Game Boy Advance SP with Pokemon

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As a twelve-calendar year-outdated, my first brush with modern day console gaming was with Nintendo’s Game Boy Progress SP. It was not the initially video clip match I’d played, but increasing up in India, it was uncommon to have accessibility to the most recent and best consoles.

The Recreation Boy Progress released me to a new environment of electricity-ups courtesy of Super Mario, epic storytelling via Remaining Fantasy IV, my very own quest to be the really finest thanks to Pokémon, and hundreds of hours of enjoyment spent strategizing my upcoming transfer in Advance Wars. On the other hand, as lifestyle goes, somewhere along the line, my childhood companion acquired left powering for even larger and shinier items.

As destiny would have it, I stumbled upon my old console through a current home renovation venture. Tossed away in a carton for a ten years and a fifty percent, various property moves, and a life time aside, it was distinct that time experienced not been variety to Nintendo’s greatest. A broken display screen was just the initial in a extensive line of issues with the console. If you are anything like me, you will have an understanding of my nostalgia for old-faculty electronics and why restoring them has been a lifelong passion for me. This presented the perfect opportunity to bring the broken Game Boy Progress SP back again to its former glory.

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A planet of alternatives to restore or improve

Gameboy Advance SP with parts spread around it

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Fixing electronics of any form can be challenging, but the initial detail that you need to know about fixing up a gaming console is that it is relatively like playing with Lego. Precision engineering indicates that, more typically than not, you don’t have a lot of cables and bobbins to figure out. In quite a few, but not all, conditions, a fix can be a straightforward swap. Even so, that doesn’t signify it is a walk in the park, either.

In contrast to personal computers or smartphones, restoring a console commonly just will involve swapping modular elements.

Finding began with the console fix task, my 1st endeavor was to detect the precise product I had on hand. Most makes are inclined to spruce up their Tv and handheld consoles in excess of their life span. The PlayStation’s slender variants, the upgraded Nintendo Swap with much better battery existence, and the Activity Boy Progress SP with a brighter display are all examples of consoles that are technically the same, but unique sufficient to require a cautious look at of the specific product selection.

With the model quantity determined, it was time to delve into the huge earth of customization.

handheld legend gameboy sp components

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Retro gaming as a hobby has only grown around the yrs and a long time, and a flourishing neighborhood exists to serve the demands of buyers who want to restore and improve their consoles. Scouring by means of one particular of the foremost storefronts for console spares, Handheld Legend, it is mindboggling to see the form of innovation at play.

Pristine and OG, or pimped out with RGB lights, the option is yours.

Want to give your old handheld a glow-up in the kind of a new shell and buttons? Quick. How about LED-lit buttons? Not a difficulty. Want a USB-C run Video game Boy Progress? Confident. How about including a coloration display screen to a console that didn’t even ship with one? You bought it!

In my case, I wanted to keep the expertise as near to the first as probable, so I resolved to retain the updates minimum and only give my historic Match Boy Advance SP a brighter display. I also made the decision to include new buttons and a sharp new shell to the purchase, just after which it was just a subject of ready a number of months for the solutions to ship. You may well also have to have some specialized tools on hand to get into your console of choice. For example, in the case of the Game Boy Progress, or for that make a difference, most Nintendo consoles, you are going to want a distinctive tri-wing screwdriver on hand to pry it open up. I’d advise grabbing it off Amazon when you wait for the relaxation of the factors to get there.

If your console is also significantly gone to boot up, it could be time to connect with in the experts.

Coming to the true console restore, the approach can be pretty trivial or remarkably included based on what you are making an attempt to accomplish. It goes without the need of stating that if your console is far too far long gone to boot up, it could be time for some expert enable.

Endurance is key when repairing a console

GameBoy Advance SP placed on a magazine

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After you have opened up your video clip video game console, an additional issue to maintain in mind is the spot of the screws. Deep into the puzzle-like system of opening up a console, it can be alternatively complex to track in which every screw goes. My recommendation? Photograph every step of the course of action, and retain screws segregated for each and every section of the console.

Older consoles have a tendency to be relatively modular in design, and swapping areas can be a uncomplicated unplug-and-substitute practical experience.

Most consoles are fairly modular in their technique. It makes feeling since firms experienced to ship thousands and thousands of them out on launch working day. This helps make unplugging and replacing most components reasonably effortless. Nonetheless, you’ll want to be especially cautious all around bits and bobs like shoulder buttons and hinges. Several older consoles made use of rigidity-loaded springs, which can be astonishingly hard to put in the correct situation. Be individual, use a pair of tweezers, and never be scared to get a split if you are obtaining it also tense. You surely never want to be in a position like mine where by you accidentally scrape off a part on a motherboard or lose a spring, necessitating weeks of ready for a replacement. Been there, performed that. Trapped somewhere? Adhere to a movie guidebook.

I’d slice my teeth on restoring movie game consoles as a hobby and for pocket cash as a kid, so it did not take me significantly additional than an hour to strip down the console, give the internals a nice bit of dusting, and exchange all the exterior bits. The method is easy enough that it shouldn’t acquire a amateur a great deal much more than a Sunday afternoon.

Is it worth the hassle?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra GameCube Emulation with Xbox Controller In Hand

Now some of you may be questioning why I’d go via the lengthy-winded system, and expense of repairing a very long-useless piece of technological innovation. Nostalgia is a potent drug, and for me, getting my to start with memory of a video video game console in pristine situation was reward ample. Nevertheless, there are other motives to get heading with a retro console. For just one, as significantly as some of the greatest video clip match console emulators have appear, they just can’t fairly replicate the imperfections related with consoles from a bygone era. For people of us who played on the originals, those warts are a section of the practical experience, and the bit-excellent OLED experience can typically acquire absent from the allure.

Emulation has occur a prolonged way but are not able to replicate the feel of a effectively-beloved D-Pad, or the blocky perfection of a small-resolution display.

Then there’s the issue of controls, and in this scenario, portability. Perhaps I’m searching by means of rose-tinted glasses, but even the finest handheld controllers can’t quite replicate the tactility of a well-cherished D-Pad on an initial controller. There is also the little subject of carrying still yet another unit with you if emulation is your jam. In the circumstance of my Video game Boy Advance, the no-fuss, slide-in a cartridge and get-gaming strategy is a huge additionally. No notifications, no distractions, just gaming.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance with broken screen

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The million-dollar question, of program, is if it is well worth it. And the only respond to to that is, indeed, for the proper person. Modern-working day emulation has gotten to a position where by most casual avid gamers would be thrilled to load up a lawfully obtained duplicate of their favorite retro gaming, slap on a transportable controller, and phone it a day. On the other hand, for these who want the actual offer, previous-school experience, or want to take a excursion down memory lane, only the pleasure of resuscitating a beloved piece of tech that has brought them hundreds, if not thousands of hrs of joy will slice it. I know which camp I’m in.

Now, on to correcting that other Game Boy I picked up from a scrap property.