20 Years Of The Best Game Boy Ever – How Did You Get Your GBA SP?

Ollie Reynolds

GBA - Ollie
Image: Ollie Reynolds / Nintendo Everyday living

Like Kate, I’ve also owned two GBA SPs, even though not necessarily through preference.

My to start with SP was the spectacular NES edition that released together with the ‘Classic NES Series’ activity titles. I did not choose up any of these due to the fact I would already owned a standard GBA console, so I was rather articles to only upgrade my console and depart it at that. Regrettably, my time with it was brief-lived, as I rather foolishly constructed up a ridiculous cellular phone bill due to the simple fact that cellular contracts in those people times only afforded you about 50 text messages. So I offered my SP for cash and that was that.

Close to ten several years ago, nonetheless, I was doing the job in my nearby Recreation store and crafted great relations with the operator of an independent match retail store nearby. He’s an amazingly friendly chap and we constantly worked to enable out one particular an additional with trade-ins, pre-orders, all that jazz… Anyway, I need to have talked about the story about my first GBA SP at some stage, for the reason that in the run-up to Xmas one particular calendar year, he came into the retail store and informed me that he’d “bought me a existing”.

It turns out that a client had bought him one of the ‘Tribal’ GBA SP consoles, but rather than include it to the store’s inventory, he gave it to me as a Christmas present. It was in exceptional situation (and nonetheless is) and I basically could not believe he would be so generous. I will by no means get rid of it!

Alana Hagues

Alana's GBA SP
Impression: Alana Hagues / Nintendo Lifetime

Developing up I employed to get all of the consoles following my brother stopped taking part in them — the Mega Push turned mine when the PlayStation came out, and the N64 when he received a Saturn (shocking, I know).

But the GBA was diverse mainly because, when the SP came out, my trusty purple crystal handheld went straight to my brother, and I acquired the magnificent GameCube purple GBA SP. Shh, I know it’s ‘Cobalt Blue’.

The SP’s not-basically-a-backlight was a revelation to me. I could participate in this outside the house and not socialise with anybody! I could truly bury myself under the duvets and continue to be up until eventually the early hours with out a stupid clip-on lamp obtaining in the way. This minor SP carried me by way of my pre-teenager years with Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and Klonoa: Empire of Desires. But this was the period of significantly incredible limited edition consoles, and the moment I laid my eyes on an ad in ONM for the Triforce SP, I knew I experienced to have it.

And I even now have it! I keep in mind the offer staying delivered the day The Minish Cap launched, and the excitement I felt unboxing this gorgeous golden SP with the Triforce emblazoned on the again — it truly is straightforward yet stunning. Bundled with The Minish Cap, I played by means of the complete teeny, tiny experience on my teeny, very small display. I even now have the box it arrived in, although it is a tiny bit tattered from me using the technique in and out of it. You should not request why I retained it in the box…

I get the gold handheld out each now and again just to examine it however works. I have gone via a number of chargers, hyperlink cables for Pokémon trades, and performed 4 Swords Adventures with my brother employing the outdated SP. But this trusty minimal golden mate has lasted the full time with just one or two very small scratches. And I approach for it to continue to be with me for many, quite a few additional decades.

Jim Norman

Jim's GBA SP
Image: Jim Norman / Nintendo Life

Like most, it would seem, I have experienced two SPs in my life time. I acquired the initially for what will have to have been my sixth or seventh birthday. I distinctly recall likely to Argos with my mum to select 1 out and spurning the uncommon NES Version because I did not like the sample on the inside of. I you should not have several regrets in everyday living, but this is undoubtedly just one of them.

I ended up with the Cobalt Blue design (not quite as captivating as the NES a person, but we go on) and I played it non-prevent for several years. I still individual many of my unique games today from the excellent (The Minish Cap) to the bad (Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing unit) but, like all good matters, my time with the console arrived to finish when I required to up grade to a DS Lite and subsequently traded in my first.

But this is not a unfortunate story! I addressed myself to a silver model when I went by way of a heavy Pokémon phase back again in 2012 and preferred to perform my favourites once more (shout out to Gen III) and I haven’t appeared again since. I even now have this silver edition and continue on to participate in it consistently — critically, this is the ideal console for public transportation. It could possibly be a very little far more battered and bruised now than it was when I initial obtained it (see the higher than picture), but I see it as a touch of character.

Until eventually this minimal fella packs it in, I am likely to keep on playing.